PULSE@Parkes: determining the distance to a pulsar

Aim: To measure the distances to pulsars observed during a PULSE@Parkes observing session

What you will learn:

Step 1: Select your school group from the list below

Springwood High School10-May-24
Gifted Online Program, Department of Education, Children and Young People, Tasmania30-Apr-24
VSSEC, Port Melbourne Secondary College19-Mar-24
Southern Cross Grammar, Westbourne College1-Mar-24
Good Samaritan Catholic College12-Feb-24
Wiley Park Girls High School7-Dec-23
Cabramatta High School4-Dec-23
Work Experience students23-Nov-23
Perth Astrofest18-Nov-23
Joseph Banks Secondary College16-Nov-23
St Pauls School8-Nov-23
Young Indigenous Womens STEM Academy1-Nov-23
Pennant Hills High School12-Sep-23
Richmond High School1-Sep-23
Test session29-Aug-23
Leeton High School22-Aug-23
Cecil Hills High School4-Aug-23
Test session1-Aug-23
Test session25-Jul-23
Taree High School19-Jul-23
Work Experience students27-Jun-23
Brigidine College St Ives7-Jun-23
Belmore Boys HS/Generation STEM30-May-23
VSSEC Teacher Workshop26-May-23
VSSEC Schools session25-May-23
RFI mitigation test session23-May-23
Australian Space Discovery Centre Teacher Workshop3-May-23
ASDC/Hamilton College2-May-23
Penola Catholic College4-Apr-23
Test session27-Mar-23
Test session8-Mar-23
Engineering Demonstration27-Feb-3
Nagle College, Bairnsdale24-Feb-23
Macquarie University Student Session22-Feb-23
Test session20-Feb-23
National Youth Science Forum13-Jan-23
Upper Coomera SC, Saint Mary Mackillop College, Ascham24-Nov-22
Leongatha Secondary College10-Oct-22
Test session7-Oct-22
CONASTA Teacher Workshop28-Sep-22
Tasmanian Dep Ed Online Extension Program23-Sep-22
Virtual Work Experience Program8-Sep-22
Corryong College, Cabramatta HS11-Aug-22
SASTA/Test session12-Jul-22
Pennant Hills High School30-Jun-22
Birrong GHS, Willeton SHS, Ravenswood9-Jun-22
Brigidine St Ives, Moriah College1-Jun-22
Young Indigenous Womens STEM Academy18-May-22
Pennant Hills HS, Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School28-Apr-22
Nagle College Bairnsdale, SCEGGS Darlinghurst16-Feb-22
Model Farms High School, Saint Mary MacKillop College15-Feb-22
National Youth Science Forum24-Jan-22
BHP Foundation Science Engineering Awards Finalists9-Dec-21
Virtual Work Experience Program2-Nov-21
Kirrawee High School25-Oct-21
Teacher Workshop29-Sep-21
Cranebrook HS, St Brendan-Shaw College31-Aug-21
Generation STEM Belmore Boys High School30-Jul-21
SCEGGS Darlinghurst7-Jun-21
Young Indigenous Womens STEM Academy27-May-21
Test session17-May-21
Bordertown High School30-Apr-21
Marian Catholic College, Griffith15-Mar-21
RFI Test session24-Feb-21
Teacher Workshop23-Feb-21
Undergraduate Vacation Scholar observations8-Feb-21
Undergraduate Vacation Scholar session17-Dec-20
BHP Foundation Science and Engineering Awardees10-Dec-20
Coffs Harbour HS, Tooleybuc CS30-Nov-20
Virtual Work Experience Program13-Oct-20
Darwin High School5-Aug-20
St Edmunds College27-Jul-20
Thuringowa State High School23-Jul-20
Collinsville SHS, Denison College Kelso Campus10-Jun-20
Young Indigenous Womens STEM Academy3-Jun-20
Jindabyne Central School20-May-20
Ambrose Treacy College, Whitsunday Anglican School7-May-20
CSIRO Education and Outreach trial session29-Apr-20
Test session25-Mar-20
Pawsey Supercomputer Centre session27-Feb-20
Trial session29-Jan-20
RTSRE Conference Session8-Dec-19
Knox Grammar School22-Nov-19
Pipeline Test Session29-Oct-19
Staff demonstration session6-Aug-19
Marrickville High School31-Jul-19
P988 UWL observations12-Jul-19
iPESKA summer school, Sardinia Radio Telescope. Italy5-Jul-19
VWEP Observing session2-Jul-19
VWEP Test session27-Jun-19
Trundle CS, Aurora College at Parkes23-Jun-19
Knox Grammar, Brigidine College St Ives10-Apr-19
Winmalee High School3-Apr-19
Perth Astrofest public session16-Mar-19
Astrofest test session13-Mar-19
Cronulla High School9-Nov-18
Brigidine College St Ives19-Oct-18
AUT Warkworth Observatory session12-Sep-18
Rosehill College, New Zealand11-Sep-18
Glenmore Park High School6-Aug-18
Amity College5-Jul-18
CASS Co-Learnium session21-Jun-18
Chabot Observatory Student Session17-Jun-18
Berkeley Breakthrough Listen Teacher Workshop16-Jun-18
C3DIS session30-May-18
Test session25-May-18
CAP Workshop Session27-Mar-18
Clancy Catholic College12-Mar-18
CAP Test session19-Feb-18
Victorian Space Science Education Centre13-Feb-18
Test session7-Nov-17
CASS Engineering Demo session23-Nov-17
Brigidine College St Ives16-Oct-17
IAC Teacher Professional Development Session23-Sep-17
Test Session8-Sep-17
Cape Town Science Centre25-Aug-17
SKA SA Postgraduate Workshop24-Aug-17
University of Cape Town23-Aug-17
C3DIS session18-Jul-17
Test Session for APRIM30-Jun-17
MLC Burwood6-Apr-17
Menai High School23-Mar-17
Pawsey Supercomputing Centre Session21-Feb-17
STEM-X Academy12-Jan-17
SVP training session6-Dec-16
Guangzhou 314-Nov-16
Guangzhou 212-Nov-16
Guangzhou University Affiliated HS 211-Nov-16
Brigidine St Ives24-Oct-16
Kingston Taroona High Schools, University of Tasmania2-Jun-16
The Friends School, Hobart1-Jun-16
Exeter High School, Tasmania tour31-May-16
Test Session10-May-16
German International School Sydney3-May-16
Geraldton Science Festival30-Mar-16
Mosman High School17-Mar-16
Brigidine College St Ives26-Feb-16
CASS summer vac students22-Jan-16
Guangzhou University Affiliated High School Session 312-Dec-15
Guangzhou University Affiliated High School Session 210-Dec-15
Guangzhou University Affiliated High School9-Dec-15
ATNF test4-Dec-15
Pymble Ladies College20-Nov-15
Rose Bay Secondary College26-Oct-15
ATNF Test session1-Sep-15
Victorian Space Science Education Centre28-Aug-15
ATNF Testing 325-Aug-15
IAU General Assembly Special Session12-Aug-15
ATNF test8-Aug-15
CONASTA special teacher session7-Jul-15
Keira High School15-Jun-15
Mosman High School29-May-15
Brigidine College St Ives20-May-15
Prairiewood High School28-Apr-15
National Youth Science Forum22-Jan-15
National Science Teachers' Summer School15-Jan-15
CASS summer vacation students12-Dec-14
St Ursula's College1-Dec-14
Sendai Observatory16-Nov-14
Yamagata University Session 215-Nov-14
Yamagata University Session 114-Nov-14
NAOJ Mitaka12-Nov-14
Kagoshima University9-Nov-14
Remote observing test14-Oct-14
Amity College16-Sep-14
Mount Stromlo High School/CDSCC29-Jul-14
Wenona School24-Jul-14
Kirrawee High School23-May-14
Tara Anglican School for Girls20-May-14
MNBSC Balgowlah Boys' Campus8-Apr-14
Brigidine College St Ives25-Mar-14
Mosman High School13-Mar-14
MacRobertson Girls' High School, The King David School, Strathmore Secondary College, Ballarat High School, Buckley Park College, Lara Secondary College20-Feb-14
CASS Undergraduate Vacation Scholars05-Dec-13
Cherrybrook Technology High School07-Nov-13
CASS test05-Nov-13
Oakhill College24-Oct-13
Geraldton Schools13-Sep-13
SOC test school29-Aug-13
Parkes High School09-Aug-13
Penrith Christian School/Brigidine College24-Jul-13
CASS SOC test18-Jul-13
Casimir College/Ravenswood School25-Jun-13
Koriyama SpacePark 226-May-13
Koriyama SpacePark25-May-13
NAOJ Mizusawa VLBI Observatory 219-May-13
NAOJ Mizusawa VLBI Observatory18-May-13
ATNF test17-May-13
St. Claire's College/St. Catherine's School25-Mar-13
Casimir College/Brigidine College St. Ives (Cancelled)22-Mar-13
Danebank Anglican School for Girls08-Feb-13
Penrith Anglican College11-Dec-12
Glenmore Park, Arndell Anglican19-Nov-12
Oakhill College23-Oct-12
Blue Mountains Grammar School18-Jul-12
International Pulsar Timing Array18-Jun-12
Mosman High School25-May-12
Marist College Kogarah19-Mar-12
Brigidine College01-Mar-12
CSIRO Double Helix Science Club20-Jan-12
Patrician Brothers' College Fairfield08-Dec-11
International Grammar/St Clare's College27-Oct-11
Radio Astronomy School 229-Sep-11
Radio Astronomy School28-Sep-11
ATNF Training 419-Jul-11
Brigidene College & Mosman H.S.23-Jun-11
Conservatorium H.S. & Lithgow H.S.10-Jun-11
Oakhill College02-May-11
Unversity of Oxford11-Apr-11
Penrith Anglican/Glenmore Park/Caroline Chisholm16-Feb-11
ATNF test07-Feb-11
Tara/Public Education Foundation Stellar Scholars14-Dec-10
Kelso High School/German International School09-Nov-10
Sydney Girls High School22-Oct-10
SPICE 318-Aug-10
Marsden High School21-Jul-10
Lithgow High School/German International School17-Jun-10
ASTRON/Emelwerda College, Netherlands28-May-10
Mosman High School19-May-10
PAL College23-Apr-10
Brigidine College16-Mar-10
Muswellbrook High School22-Feb-10
Cardiff University08-Dec-09
ATNF Training 312-Nov-09
ATNF Training 228-Oct-09
SPICE 223-Sep-09
Narara Valley High School02-Jul-09
East Hills Girls Technology High09-Jun-09
Penrith Anglican College12-May-09
New England DET Aboriginal G&T17-Mar-09
Hurlstone Agricultural High School11-Feb-09
University of Texas, Brownsville02-Dec-08
Terrigal High School02-Dec-08
International Grammar School13-Nov-08
University of Texas, Brownsville28-Oct-08
Casimir Catholic College28-Oct-08
Lithgow High22-Sep-08
Epping Boys' High01-Sep-08
Ambarvale High School13-Aug-08
Asquith Girls' High22-Jul-08
Caroline Chisholm College27-Jun-08
Mt Carmel22-May-08
ATNF training30-Apr-08
'Out There' UWA19-Mar-08
Muswellbrook High School13-Feb-08
ATNF trial run09-Feb-08
Kingswood High School04-Dec-07